Our Services

We are a full service management consulting network operating in the key areas of strategy formulation and deployment, transformation of operations to manifest agility, and people management to enable all to be at their best while setting new benchmarks for performance and well-being.

Strategy and Design Thinking Practice

At EGS, we have passionately championed a model of Strategy Development and Deployment that encompasses:

Ambition is Enthusiasm with Purpose: Focusing on holistic stakeholder value, with both the long- term and short-term view to be an organization of consequence.

Frame with an ‘Exponential’ Mindset and ‘Ecosystem’ Perspective: Brainstorming through different perspectives and aligning on the right questions that the strategy must answer

Recognize and Analyse Opportunity and Uncertainty: Challenging boundaries creatively – see even market failures as opportunities, and focusing on key information and analysing the volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and the ambiguity in the future

Follow a Structured and Rigorous Process: Having milestone-based conversations that facilitate divergence of ideas, yet foster convergence on the solution(s) and the implementation roadmap

Foster and Embed Co-Creation and Co-Delivery: Enabling alignment, capability building and ownership in pursuit of great results.

Operations and Supply Chain Practice

Our clients have experienced tremendous benefits including costs savings, operational efficiencies and process improvements through our Operations and Supply Chain interventions.
You can solve your most incessant and complex Supply Chain problems in areas like Supply Chain Planning, Procurement, Manufacturing, Network Planning, Logistics & Distribution, Sales & Customer Management, After Sales Service, Cash to Cash cycle, Inventory Management and New Product Development with our support.

We have deep expertise in deploying transformation initiatives such as Manufacturing Excellence, TQM, TPM, Six Sigma, TOC, BPI, Lean Manufacturing, Lean SCM etc.

People and Culture Practice

Our clients have achieved their business aspirations through our solutions in designing fit-for-future structures and capabilities while co-creating an inspired culture. We guide them in nurturing and developing talent to fulfil the organisation’s aspirations.

We have deep expertise in supporting organisation transformation and improving productivity by enhancing impact of existing leadership, designing effective processes and reaffirming organisation culture. We partner with our clients to conceptualise the change, work with them to define and deliver the required actions, and handhold them till the change becomes permanent.

We coach CXO level leaders, augmenting their effectiveness and supporting them in career transition.

Communication & Branding Practice

We enhance the impact of our consulting initiatives in Strategy, Operations and Human Capital across the 5Cs (Culture, Change, Capability, Comp & Ben and Compliance) through innovative and effective communication and branding solutions, that spark the magic connect between the organizational identity, and internal as well as external audiences.
Communication & Branding Practice We combine Creativity and Design Thinking to reframe strategic and operational challenges, and develop effective Learning, Communication, Branding and Learning Solutions that power your strategic intent to the next level.  

Executive Education

The Executive Education unit of the School of Inspired Leadership offers both custom built and Open Enrolment Capability Building

Programs that are delivered in digital and hybrid modes.

These enable learning agility, and build capability in Digital Transformation, Analytics and Design Thinking to transform customer and employee experiences, and build skills in managing businesses and teams, and Self Leadership.

Top notch faculty from around the world, experienced coaches and mentors work closely with clients to enable targeted learning.

Innovation Practice

We bring global best practices to build innovation capabilities and to innovate

Develop Innovation Strategy

We help develop short term and long term goals and the strategic approach to achieving them, aligned to your business vision

Deliver Innovation

We help deliver different types of innovation that are driven by customer needs and technology capabilities

Build Innovation Capabilities

We help build Leadership and People skills, Capabilities, Process, Structure and Culture, that deliver innovation sustainably