3 Things I’ve learnt from the Pandemic

The pandemic situation has thrown us a curveball… and initially, I felt overwhelmed. We’ve been confined indoors, had to find new ways to work and stay safe, been physically distanced from our loved ones… It was tough!

But then, I decided to take a shot at batting the curveball out of the park! Though it’s been a steep learning curve, I believe the last six months have taught me 3 things I will never forget.

Be Resilient: I read somewhere that ‘Challenges are not a step backward; they are an excellent stepping-stone to success’. They make you stronger. Many people are like balloons. When pricked with a challenge or failure, there’s an explosion, then they collapse…. I’ve learnt to be like a squash ball. However many times I’m pricked, I try and pick myself up, find solutions, move on, and keep bouncing. I’ve learnt to deal with life on its terms, and
not on my own terms, and be RESILIENT.

Strengthen my Empathy Muscle: I’ve discovered that being more sensitive to others, putting myself in their shoes, trying to perceive what they are going through has not only deepened my conversations but also brought me closer to others. I’ve made new phone-pals, discovered common interests, and learnt to appreciate others for who they are. Be an ear for someone and things will change for you.

Live a little: Or should I say, stop and smell the coffee? Earlier I was busy juggling commutes and social engagements, travel, and personal time; and had no mind space to think about what I truly enjoy. My life was full, but now it’s fulfilling – the pandemic has given me
the opportunity to slow down and live a little! I took up cooking and discovered I actually enjoy it, read my favourite books, reconnected with my family, did some gardening. I’ve learnt to take pleasure in, and appreciate simple things, and to live a life filled with those activities that matter to me and give my life meaning.

These 3 lessons are helping me sail through these times and look forward to what the future
has in store. What about you?

Anuradha Sharma