Talent Appreciation for Succession Planning of a leading chain of hospitals in India


  • The organization wanted to build a Succession Plan & Leadership Pipeline for the Board. This would be used to come up with incentives plan and retention strategy.
  • The intention was to take a 3rd party view from a trusted source. And hence, the organization decided to partner with SOIL.
  • Target candidates were the direct reportees of MD, who held CEO roles for various hospitals, as well as the Function Heads.


  • Visionary interviews were conducted with the MD, as well as the target candidates. Also, SOIL 360 and Caliper were administered.
  • SOIL Talent Fingerprint report, which constituted the inputs from all the above-mentioned interventions, was discussed and finalized with the MD, and then presented to the Board.
  • The engagement was followed by 1:1 executive coaching sessions with all the candidates, leaving them with questions to reflect upon.

Outcomes/ Impact

  • Basis this process, the strengths and development areas of the Leadership pipeline were identified, and learning plan was formulated to cater to their development needs.
  • Also, candidates were shortlisted for succession planning, based on their leadership capabilities, leadership impact and personal aspirations.