Wipro Infotech Keeps Its Key People By Losing Them

Wipro Infotech is taking a serious look at B2E (business to employee) even when it comes to human resource (HR) practices. So much so, that in line with its vision to transform itself into a more global entity, it is laying emphasis on HR-mapping plans with Vista —- a new module developed by the company to promote and facilitate career growth through internal job rotations.

There is yet another angle to it. At a time when Wipro’s talent pool is a veritable resource house — ready for the picking by other market players — Wipro Infotech employee development manager Shabbir Merchant says it is better to lose employees to other Wipro divisions rather than losing them to the outside market.

According to Mr Merchant, who is slated to take over as head of the human resources division of Wipro Infotech, starting April 2002 the entire suite of HR mapping processes will map employees like one would map a business account.

“This is treated as a business process including doing a profitability analysis on each employee,” he said. More specifically — Vista — is an internal job posting process that is open only to Wipro employees who have completed 18 months in their current role.

“This is a way to encourage competition and facilitate career growth across departments for our employees. Once the posting has been announced, employees apply for the positions like they would in an external job vacancy,” Mr Merchant said.

Interestingly, the pre-requisities for the job are clearly listed out and once a candidate lands the job, the current managers do not have a say in the movement of the employee. 

Shabbir Merchant