A large global multinational in the food, snack and beverage business.


  • 2 hour Module-in-a-Box Workshop, designed to simplify facilitation, so that it could be easy rolled out by managers
  • The workshop included a unique Learning Map based activity with case studies to enhance learning
  • Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic Learning tools accelerated learning and helped participants learn faster, remember more and sustain the learning for longer periods of time
  • Marketed the workshop through a unique 360 degree multi-media campaign


  • Build capability among 20,000 internal and external stakeholders to deal with value dilemmas
  • Enable them to demonstrate organisational values in day to day life

Benefits to the client

  • Simple, seamless and scalable solution
  • Marketing collateral created immense positive pull, and motivated 20,000 stakeholders across 30 locations to attend the mandatory workshop within a record 3 months