Will you be a different person after the Pandemic?

The ‘coronacoaster’ is forcing everything around us to transform – the world as we know it, work, education, social interactions… then why not us?

It is often repeated that people are the way they are and they’ll remain that way forever. Do you also think this is true?

Actually, research has shown that adults can change the 5 traits that make up their personality, in a few months. The traits are (an easy-to-remember acronym OCEAN) – Openness to experience, Conscientiousness, Extroversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism or emotional stability. They are all connected, so changing one, might lead to changes in another.

The first step to change is being ‘Open to New Experiences’. How keen are you to explore fresh approaches to seemingly impossible challenges? Do you strive to disrupt the status quo or work relentlessly to push past limitations? What is your definition of success?

Make a beginning. List the ways you’d like to change and what steps you would take to get there. Take a tip from “The As If Principle,” coined by Professor Richard Wiseman: If you behave “as if” you are the person you want to be, pretty soon, you might find that it is you.

Remember, the power to transform lies within us. Our personalities are not set in stone. They are more like sand dunes. All you need to do is get your Head, Heart and Hands together!

The Fulki team has partnered with several organisations to cascade change in behaviours and organizational culture. Get in touch with us to spark that magic connect!

Anuradha Sharma