'Up' Your Happiness Quotient

The best part of my workday had always been ‘team time’, when we caught up with each other over coffee. Social Distancing due to the #Covid19pandemic, brought this to an abrupt halt.

Despite being at home, surrounded by my loved ones, I felt ‘distanced’. Spending time on social media increased my anxiety and made me feel more isolated.

But then, a quick hug from my daughter took me by surprise… and instantly released bubbles of fuzzy, warm joy, calmed me down, and sparked a magical emotional connect.

Did you know that the human touch, something we’ve always taken for granted, releases Oxytocin, sometimes known as the ‘cuddle hormone’? #Socialdistancing reduces Oxytocin, causing deep feelings of loneliness.

I usually catch up with my elderly mother, who lives alone, over a daily call. Her days are busy, teaching children and socialising with friends. Social distancing however, had isolated and depressed her, till we switched to video calls. The  visual contact created an instant change in her as the ‘love hormone’ got activated – chatting with family, sharing fun moments and assuring her of our love.

On my next ‘team zoom meet’ I tried locking eyes with individual team members and smiling at them. There was an instant release of the ‘happiness hormone’; We could feel the warm positive vibes and magical bonds, despite being miles away from each other.

Making daily deposits in every facet of the ‘Happiness Portfolio’ – faith, family, friends and work can help you emerge from this period, stronger.

‘Up’ the happiness quotient: #Communicate in ways that will spark an emotional connect with your colleagues and family, even during social distancing.

Inspired by: How To Be Happy During COVID-19: Arthur Brooks, Expert on
Happiness (Harvard Business School) 

Anuradha Sharma